The Time Machine made its first public appearance at the Tampa Hamfest on Dec 01, 2001. The sound of Sweepstakes and CQ World Wide coming from the speakers of the two Yaesu FT-817s led many hams to ask, "What kind of antenna are you using?" Contesters were usually the first to key on the fact that Sweepstakes and CQ World Wide were on at the same time. They had a chance to view the FT-817 with the cover off, try out the 300 and 500 Hz ESS CW filters, and hear first hand what the Time Machine is capable of producing. Their biggest question after listening to it was how does it work. Down load the manual and get the answer to that question, "How does it work?".
We heard from hams with all kinds of ideas about what the Time Machine could do for them. Some of the ideas are already in place but some of them were areas we had not yet explored. Hamfests are a great place to hear new exciting ideas and get hands on experience with the new products on the market.

Below you will find the first pictures on the web of the Time Machine. These pictures are of the main board and the bandpass filter boards. These boards were on display and for sale in kit form at the Dayton Hamvention, 17-19 May 2002. Numerous hams stopped to see, hear, and experience the Time Machine first hand. They were able to tune one of our Yaesu FT-817s back in time through one of the many pieces of spectrum we have grabbed, recorded, and saved to be used again and again. The key here is "tune" across the band, 80 kHz of it available at your finger tips. We had no key or microphone due to the fact that unless you stop and think about it you will have the urge to jump right in a pile up and take part. They listened closely and actually heard themselves working that JA, ZL, VK, 9Y, or one of many others in the contests we had recorded. They also got a chance to see just how their signal sounded in Florida. They heard them just as they were or are. It really depends on how you think about it.

Once you have listened to and grasped the concept of taking whole blocks of spectrum and being able to work with it, let your mind wander. Take this block and send it elsewhere to be listened to. Have a Time Machine in one of the remote ham stations around the world and put your expertise in programming or Internet use to the task. Now have your Time Machine unfolding up to 80 kHz of spectrum filled with weak signals loud and clear on the other side of the world. Is it real, oh yes it's real and its time is now. A solar flare is in full strength while you are at the office. Was there a band opening? Go home and find out. Listen, I mean really listen. What was that? It sounded like a really weak signal. Rewind, run the audio through the DSP, now tune it again. Got it a little better, rewind, tweak the DSP, watch it on the spectrum analyzer, is it there? From just plain fun listening to technical analysis of solar activity, the possibilities are endless. All you need is the equipment and a little bit of "time".

If you would like to know more about the Time Machine then read the Time Machine manual (908 KB) or look at the Time Machine schematic (56 KB). Both are Adobe Acrobat files. (Latest update 08/05/02)

The Time Machine is offered as a kit with easy to follow instructions. Don't shy away from building a kit. The Time Machine kit main board is a professionally designed and masked two sided board marked with the location of every part. Even a new kit builder can follow this well planned design to the successful completion of this project. The Time Machine is also offered as an assembled and tested unit for an additional cost.

The Time Machine LO daughter board is now available. The daughter board plugs directly into the Time Machine and can be added to The daughter board comes assembled and ready to plug into your Time Machine. No longer rock bound you can move your center frequency around to get the best coverage for your individual needs. Take a look at the Time Machine Daughter Board Page to see if this could be the answer to your needs. The Daughter board can be purchased separately from the Time Machine Kit so you can add it to your existing Time Machine system.

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