LO1 Local Oscillator Daughter Board
by Expanded Spectrum Systems

The Time Machine came to life from a long time idea of Bill Coleman, N4ES, to be able to record large segments of a band and play them back at a later time. Once on the scene The Time Machine gave rise to other uses. A group of some of the most notable contesters were using their Time Machines to evaluate contest performance and band conditions. Recording large segments of a band was great but its uses were expanding. A few amateurs put their Time Machines together with LINRAD, a powerful Linux "Software Radio" program by Leif Asbrink, SM5BSZ. EME and weak signal work was put to the task with The Time Machine. Frequency agility became a need for several Time Machine owners. The LO1 Daughter Board was the product of those talks.

The LO1 is a local oscillator daughter board accessory for the TM1 Time Machine. The LO1 board is shipped fully assembled. The LO1 provides frequency agility by replacing the on-board crystal oscillator/multiplier with an external generator operating at 4X the desired center frequency. If the phase noise performance of the external generator is better than that of the on-board multiplier, then the dynamic range of the Time Machine will also be improved.

Below you will see pictures of how the LO1 Daughter Board is attached to the Time Machine.

If you would like to know more about the Time Machine LO1 Daughter Board then read the Time Machine LO1 Daughter Board manual (106 KB). An Adobe Acrobat file. (Latest update 12/25/02)

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