Beacon Attenuator

BA1 Beacon Attenuator Kit

The international beacons on the HF bands have been the source of propagation information around the world. The step down technique used to reduce the power of the signal gives you an idea of just good the band really is.
ESS brought the same abilities to you with the BA1, Beacon Attenuator.

Designed to work with the Expanded Spectrum Systems (ESS) FB1 and FB2 Freakin' Beacon controller boards, the BA1 Beacon Attenuator provides a low loss through path (High Power), plus attenuation levels of 10 dB, 20 dB, and 30 dB. The BA1 is compatible with ALL transmitters, from DC to 148 MHz, up to 100 watts. With the BA1, any beacon transmitter can provide multiple power levels. The interface and commands to control the BA1 were built into the Freakin' Beacon controllers from day one, so if you already have an FB1 or FB2, setting up the BA1 is super easy!

If you would like to know more about the Beacon Attenuator then read the Beacon Attenuator manual (730 KB). This is an Adobe Acrobat file. (Latest update 05/03/04)

Pictured below is the BA1 on the left and a Flash Crystal unit on the right.

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