Building a small transmitter? Something QRP that fits in an old pen? The 3x8 mm cylindrical crystals make that project easier than ever. These tiny crystals have been put to use in all kinds of low power, 100 milliwatts or less, circuits. These are the same crystals we use in our Time Machine receiver and they work great.

We also carry HC49 crystals. They are our most popular size and are available in several new frequencies. Our HC49s are now being utilized in most of the popular small QRP transmitters and transceivers.

Below you will find a list of the frequencies available in each size. When ordering remember to note HC49 or Cylindrical with the frequency.

The HC49 frequencies in kHz are: 1856, 3530, 3535, 3550, 3560, 3575.611, 3579.545, 3880(series resonance), 3885(series resonance), 7015, 7030, 7035, 7040, 7042, 7050, 7055, 7058, 7114(series resonance), 7122, 7200, 10110, 10116, 10125, 10140, 10700, 14033(series resonance), 14050, 14058, 14060, 14200, 18096, 21060, 24906, 28030(series resonance), 28060.
The HC49 specs are +/- 100ppm, 0/70C, 18pf. The 3880, 3885, 7114, 14033, and 28030 HC49 specs are series resonance, +/- 100ppm, 0/70C. NOTE: The 14060 is now offered in both HC49U(standard height) and HC49US (short). The 7015, 7122, 10116, 10140, 14050, and 28030 are an HC49US package which is shorter in height than the HC49U but with the same pin spacing and specs.

The Cylindrical frequencies are: 3560, 7030, 7040, 7042, 7190, 10106, 10125, 14060, 14200, 18096, 21026, 21060, 24906 kHz. The crystals are cylindrical type +/-100 PPM, 18pF, 3x8 mm. The 3560 crystal is a bit longer at 3x10 mm.

All of our quality crystals come directly to us from the manufacturer. We order in large lots for each frequency and pass the savings on to you. If you have a need for a large number of crystals on a special frequency please let us quote your next projects needs. Minimum orders start at 100 per frequency with added savings the quantity increases. Send us an email with the crystal frequency and other specifications and let us quote these for your next project.

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